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At Hope Church, the Stewardship committee wears two hats so to say, the Stewardship committee and the Finance committee. 

The Finance part consists of setting policies and procedures for handling money and preparing financial reports for the session and congregation. We try to be transparent with the congregation regarding our financial status. We also work with the business world to be good stewards of the church’s money by working closely with the bank regarding our mortgage and Charles Schwab who helps us manage our endowment fund. We work with the other committees to produce an annual budget that allows the church and congregation to carry out its goals and missions. The committee makes financial recommendations to the Session.

On the Stewardship part we try to help the congregation grow in their faith by creating awareness of opportunities to give of their time, talents, and treasures. This is a team effort with the Session to keep all our activities inline with the goals and mission statement of the church. We want to make sure our activities match the passions of the congregation and help to spread the word of God and Christianity in our community. The committee runs the annual Stewardship campaign.

Dave Fehr

Elder for Stewardship

Our A Blessed Past…A Hopeful Future Capital Campaign is underway and this week our volunteers begin the process of reaching out for support.


I am grateful for the dedication of these families. They are taking our message to you and I hope you take time to receive them and spend a few minutes discussing Hope and our future.  Please keep in mind:


·     Volunteers – Dual Donation

Our volunteers are just that – volunteers. They graciously agreed to donate their time and talent for the betterment of Hope Presbyterian Church. They are serving in this role because they believe in our church and are passionate about its future. Please treat them with respect and thank them for helping Hope in this important capacity.


·    Personal Touch

I instructed our volunteers to personally meet with members of the Hope community. If you receive a call, I kindly ask that you:

  • Take the call or return the message. Don’t avoid talking to our volunteers. It makes their job more difficult and puts them in a position where they must keep calling in an attempt to reach you.
  • Meet face-to-face. If you are asked to meet, please give our volunteers 15 minutes of your time. They are not trying to twist your arm. They just want to briefly explain the campaign goals, answer your questions and receive a decision about your participation.


·         Your Gift Matters!

Remember, the letter you received from me includes a financial request. It is not an expectation. It is an invitation. I invite you to pray about this campaign and our church. You may not be able to give what was asked. You may be able to give more than asked. Whatever your decision, please know that I deeply appreciate your commitment. It is a true blessing to our church, and so are you!


Thank you for your cooperation, your consideration and your support of Hope Presbyterian Church!


Bless you! 

Pastor Mike