Pivot: verb meaning to adapt or improve by adjusting or modifying.

In my easily-amused brain, when I hear the word pivot, I think of an episode of the TV show Friends. In this episode, one of the main characters is trying to get a very large sofa up a narrow staircase. He draws up a plan, enlists the help of two other people, and they begin to lift the couch up the stairs. As they’re going around a bend in the stairs, he begins to yell “PIVOT! PIVOT! PIVOT!” However, even with his plan and yelling, the couch does not make it up the stairs. 

Just about 2 years ago, this word started to become more and more common in my work conversations. Hearing about this new virus sweeping across the globe and learning that it had just been detected in the U.S. had a lot of people starting to wonder. I specifically remember talking with my boss about a big open house event planned for the end of March. He didn’t see any reason we should cancel it and I began to prepare invitations. Then a week later we decided to make sure we had hand sanitizer and individually-wrapped snacks. A week later, we thought it best to postpone until the end of May. And I’m sure it’s no surprise that the event ended up pivoting to an online event.

Here at Hope, we pivoted our communication plan. Previously, a monthly newsletter was sent at the beginning of each month and notices were posted to the homepage of our website. Occasionally, an email would be sent from the office with a notice about something. Most communication was done in the church through bulletins, flyers, and conversations. But when we had to stop meeting in person, we needed more ways to connect with our members.

We began sending out a weekly email update. As things were constantly shifting and changing in those first few weeks of the pandemic, there was always a need to communicate something. And as events and outreach continued to evolve over the next few months, we saw the benefits of regular communication. Now, the Wednesday Weekly is full of announcements and events and it’s here to stay. 

So, we’re going to pivot once again and repurpose our monthly newsletter. Instead of the same announcements and events that are in the Wednesday Weekly, we’re going to shift the focus of the newsletter to tell the story of Hope. We want to really showcase how our efforts impact individuals and our community. 

A Message of Hope will now be a bi-monthly publication full of inspirational stories submitted by our many wonderful volunteers and members. We want to know about what God has done in your life or how your connection to Hope has helped you on your faith journey. 

Written by Lori Laster, Elder for Communications, Social Media, and Technology

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