Note from the Pastor

Pastor Mike

Hello Hopefuls!

I have loved sharing the last sermon series Summer Stories with you over the last five weeks! The Bible has multiple stories of life transformation in people, and the common thread is that they all are a result of being with Jesus. I am also so grateful for the courage and vulnerability of the folks who shared their testimonies with us in worship during that series. The truth is that Jesus continues to transform people’s lives today, and the Church needs to celebrate and hear those stories. I hope you have been encouraged to think about your own life and where and how Jesus has transformed you or is transforming you. If you have a story of transformation in your life, I would love to hear it. 

Stories are powerful. One of the things I love at Hope is facilitating the Membership Classes. Part of that process is that folks have the opportunity to write their statement of faith. In essence, it’s the story of their faith journey. We use story as the method for folks professing their faith and sharing that with our elders.

Looking ahead, story will continue to be a theme in our offerings at Hope. This Sunday, August 14 is Youth Sunday, where we will hear stories from our youth about their experiences over the last year. I am excited about this! I hope you will come and join us for this important moment.

We will also do a short two-week sermon series on the story of the Good Samaritan beginning August 21. That parable is one of the most well known in scripture, with a lot to teach us. This will be a great opportunity to look at that story from a fresh perspective.

God continues to write His story of redemption in the world. We are part of that story. Hope is part of that story. You have a story. I am so grateful that God has written you all into my story. Bless you and see you all soon!

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