Note from the Pastor

Pastor Mike

Hello Hopefuls!

Last Sunday we talked about how our work (jobs, school, volunteering, healing) can often be a struggle for us. My guess is that this touches or has touched all of us in our lives. In Genesis chapter 3, God communicates to Adam that the work of caring for the earth is accompanied by toil and struggle. And this passage reminds us that we do live in an imperfect world where sin, struggle and suffering are real and present. And so, we must learn to deal with and navigate our lives and our work amidst the reality of struggle and frustration that can occur.

You might be in the midst of a job or some work that you are doing which is causing you great struggle. I have certainly been there too. What I am grateful for is the perspective that we looked at on Sunday as well that our struggle is not the final word. God is working to redeem and reconcile all of creation… including us and our work. Our imperfect world will not be imperfect forever. God’s promise is that all things will be made new. This is a great hope for us not only in our work, but also for our souls.

In Christ, we are new creations. We will talk more about this truth this coming Sunday and how that relates to our work. Invite your friends and family to join us! My prayer for you and for us is that despite the struggles we face in our work and in our lives, we remember that we are part of God’s larger plan of redemption. Your work matters and you play a unique part in the story of God. The ministry we do at Hope matters and has significance. I am grateful to be on the journey with you. Bless you and see you all soon!

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