Note from the Pastor

Pastor Mike

Hello Hopefuls!

I hope this message finds you well this week. It’s a beautiful time of year. I wonder if you ever stop for a moment, look around and say, “Wow. Thank you Lord for this time and place… for the loved ones in my life and for what I get to do each day.” Maybe that sounds too much like a Hallmark movie. It certainly would be if I said that while wearing a scarf around my neck. Incidentally, I can’t wait to show you my latest scarf. Maybe in December…

But I do have these moments where I just need to thank God for being alive and for the life I have. Practicing gratitude is important, yet it can be difficult to be grateful when we find ourselves in hard situations or environments. We are in a sermon series now called Don’t Waste Your Work. We are looking at work – what we do for a job or volunteerism or school – from a faith perspective. The reality is, what we do in life isn’t always rosy. Our work life can certainly be a source of frustration, and we can find it hard to be grateful for much. This Sunday we will look at this very issue of how we deal with the frustration and struggle that work can often bring us. We don’t always feel like wrapping a scarf around our necks and saying, “Thank you God for this work I’m doing!” We might feel stuck or discouraged. The good news is that even though struggle in life and work is real and common, it does not have to be the final word for us. I hope you will join us this Sunday as we look at this together and find encouragement from God’s word on dealing with struggle. You don’t have to wear your scarf. Unless you want to. See you all soon and bless you!

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