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Pastor Mike

Hello Hopefuls!

Well, here we are in the middle of summer. Summer brings a lot of things with it… schedule changes, perhaps time away for vacations, different sorts of activities. What many people love about summer, myself included, is that lots of new experiences often take place that produce memories and stories that we remember. Some of the best memories and stories from my life have occurred in summer time. Perhaps that is true for you as well.

We have already had many memories made and stories written this summer at Hope! Our Messy Ministry on Sunday mornings has provided a wonderful time and space for kids and youth to play, create and bond with each other. There are lots of stories and memories there.

Our annual garage sale was a huge success, touching hundreds of people and providing items for people who really need them. We have had folks attend Hope for the first time after having come to the garage sale and meeting some of our people. There are lots of memories and stories there.

Our middle school and high school mission trips and youth lock in event were all perfect places for young people to connect, serve and build relationships. I was so honored to be present for the high school mission trip. There are lots of memories and stories there.

Our sermon-based Bible study groups have continued to be an invaluable opportunity for people to unpack, discuss, and go deeper into the scriptures and messages from each Sunday. I have loved being a part of those so far and we have had such wonderful discussions. There are lots of memories and stories there.

And this is why I love our current sermon series called Summer Stories: Testimonies of Radical Change. We will be examining several examples of life transformation from people in scripture as a result of their presence with Jesus. These are powerful stories. And yet, we will see that they are not so different from transformations that happen in our own lives. And the truth is, being in the presence of Jesus can’t help but change us. We hope that through experiences like those I’ve highlighted above provide the opportunity to be in the presence of Jesus in unique ways. And that through those experiences, transformation happens and the stories of our lives continue to be written and shared. So keep attentive to the Holy Spirit and how your story is written as life goes on. Look for the presence of Jesus in your experiences. I am excited for our journey together at Hope where we continually are transformed by the love of Jesus. I look forward to sharing this series with you and see you all soon! Bless you!

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