Note from the Pastor

Pastor Mike

Hello Hopefuls!

Great to be back with you after some vacation time a couple weeks ago. I am grateful for Craig Huffman preaching a great message on May 29 on the spiritual benefits of camp. Placing ourselves in different environments can help us be more mindful of the presence of God for sure. Speaking of different environments, we sent off 15 students and 4 adults on the middle school mission trip on Monday to Okoboji! Please pray for their time there… their relationships and for the work of God to be accomplished through them.

One thing that we are very excited about is the development of a scope of adult spiritual formation offerings at Hope. We truly desire to offer opportunities for people to grow spiritually and practice their faith by engaging in spiritual practices. Our Christian Education committee has been working on that process for a couple of months. Part of that process is to gather important data from our congregation about what sorts of adult spiritual formation offerings would be meaningful and have interest.

We have created an online Adult Spiritual Formation Interest Survey that invites feedback on a number of spiritual formation offerings. You may have received an e-mail this week already with a link to the survey. If you have already submitted your survey response, thank you! If you haven’t yet, you can click the link below and complete the survey at your convenience. 

The survey will be open and available through June 15. After we collect survey responses, the committee will look at the data and plan for how to move forward. Your input is important and valuable! Please only submit one survey response on behalf of yourself. Thank you and we look forward to developing more ways we can help folks love God, love all people and live in grace. Bless you!

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