History of Hope

It all started in 1961...

In 1961, the National Council of Churches, a multi-denominational coalition of churches, conducted an assessment of church needs in Millard, Nebraska. In this rapidly growing area outside of Omaha one Lutheran church clearly would not be adequate to service the religious needs of the large numbers of people moving to the area.  The National Council of Churches gave permission to the Presbyterian Church to send field representatives into the area with an eye toward the establishment of new churches. 

On April 6, 1963 Hope Presbyterian Church held their first service on Palm Sunday,
in the gymnasium of Millard’s Central Elementary School.  The church started meeting regularly in a local shopping center. The congregation grew to 125 and on December 1, 1963 Hope Presbyterian Church was officially chartered.

Hope continued to meet at the shopping center for over a year and then moved to different locations such as Western Electric and Sandoz Elementary School. In the spring of 1970, Hope purchased land and began construction of a new building.  The first service was held in the building on Christmas Eve, 1970 at 14015 Q Street.   From that point on, Hope began to grow and be visible in the Millard community.


In June, 1998, Hope decided to preserve the church’s role in the community and enhance community outreach.  This decision led to the purchase of ten acres at 159th and Q Street in August 1999. Once funding was secured, a Building Committee selected an architect and contractor and began work.  In February 2006, Hope Presbyterian Church began holding services at 5220 S. 159th Street, where we are today.

Hope has continued to be active in the Millard community and looks forward to many more years of serving the people around us and throughout the world.