Communications, Social Media, & Technology

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This committee oversees the maintenance of the church website and all social media sites, oversees the purchase, renewal, discontinuation and maintenance of church computer hardware, software and office equipment, form, train and maintain a crew of worship technicians that support the worship service through use of multimedia.

Lori Laster

Elder for Communications, Social Media, & Technology

We Can Use Your Talents!

Do you like to be creative? How about communicate with people? Or maybe you’re a computer aficionado. Or you love spending time on social media. 

There is need for many different talents on this committee! Running social media takes both a creative mind for ideas, writing, and creating graphics and a tech savvy mind for the behind-the-scenes work of scheduling and posting.

This committee not only runs the church social media channels, but we also maintain the church website and make sure that Hope staff have the technology they need for effective ministry. 

Even if you don’t have experience with everything we do, we can still use you! We have a lot of opportunities for you to learn new skills or collaborate with others who complement your skills. If this sounds interesting to you, email Lori Laster to talk about how you can be part of a great team!