A Christmas Edict from Pastor Mike

Pastor Mike

Be it resolved, henceforth on the 25th day of December in the year of our Lord, two thousand twenty two: Upon conclusion of that day’s gathering for Lord’s Day worship at Hope Presbyterian Church, shall there be such time for fellowship, gaiety, hobnobbery and otherwise yuletide Christmas cheer among constituents. 

Whereby sufficient sweetened delectables shall be presented for consumption and fit for admiration in both aesthetic and taste. Among such edibles, and in a place more prominent and accessible than other sweets, shall there be caramelized monkey bread in such quantity that would nourish the body of Christ.

So also shall there be apportioned at the conclusion of such fellowship time, an amount of monkey bread to accompany Pastor Mike in his usual travels and endeavors forthwith and thenceforth from that day until exhausted.

So shall this edict hereby be adopted, enacted and declared this 7th day of December in the year of our Lord, two thousand twenty-two without opportunity for appeal, repeal or contest. 

May the winds of tranquility ever billow through our souls. Amen and Amen.

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